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Welcome to my alien blog
A science fiction and historical fiction blog featuring original content.


Humanitrees alien trees Actually there are plenty of inanimate objects that keep an eye on humanity just google "faces in strange places" or click here, to see a collection of some I've noticed and photographed.



Humans look to the night sky when they only have to look around anytime. Day or night, no need for telescopes, aliens are part of their DNA. Looking to the stars at night for signs of life is like looking for ghosts at night, do you think they only come out a night?



It's me Aileen again, (since my mom hasn't been heard from for a while now - just kidding) my Aunt Tracey (yes, my mom's crazy cousin "Spacey Tracey") came by to check up on me, which is always fun. We took an out of this world field trip to the Intergalactic Neon Nebula Museum (it's in Nevada, but not the Neon Museum in Las Vegas). This one is in Area 51, by special invitation only! It's pretty wild, something like the Fourth of July at NASA, only it's in a sub-zero environment and you have to get suited up like an astronaut, big parka, gloves, fishbowl helmut and all.



See the alien?Hi again, this is Aileen, my mom Roz told me she hasn't updated this blog is quite a while (since last February) she's been traveling alot this year. You haven't heard from me in a while either, I've been busy with college. Well my mom might not like this story, like when I posted up her old RISK illustration a few years ago (see below), but she'll get over it. The photo to the right was caught by a friend of mine, Emanuele, she lives near Rome, Italy and was visiting in the fall. I was showing her around Central Park in NYC and we were at Strawberry Fields when this bubbly sort of circle appeared. She snapped off this shot which caught an alien coming through. The next thing that happened was kind of funny, the bubble "popped" the alien stood facing us for a second, it took off one way and Emanuele ran the other. Well here it is, more photographic evidence of an alien portal and I guess it's in one of those obvious places, think about it, Central Park, Strawberry Fields. I guess John Lennon did have alien connections. Maybe my mom's old story about her and her cousin "Spacey Tracey" really was true...


I hate when he takes pictures of the back of me!

I had some visitors during the night of the blizzard on Long Island, only they went to the wrong street! That's my friends back yard, my spacy cousin Tracy (remember the crazy one that almost abducted John Lennon) and some of her friends landed on the block behind his house, we're still waiting to hear if anyone there noticed yellow and green lights in the sky and on the ground. Well they soon realized where we were, found his yard and stayed for a couple hours, it was fun seeing her again. As you can see from the picture below by morning the snow was about another foot deeper, so we spent most of the day shoveling out his driveway. The next day we went cross country skiing, that's me above, it was in 3 feet of snow, glad I didn't fall in.


Creepy Haunted Places

"Look Around You!"

This is an actual sequence of photos taken as I was with my SEO specialist, yes, the guy who's into the paranormal. He likes to do plein air painting so we went out early last Saturday morning before the fog lifted. He wanted to do an eerie type of painting so we went to the old ruins of the Kings Park Psychiatric Center of all places, for "atmosphere". He's a fan of that crazy show American Horror Story - Asylum, as you can see he got what he wanted and more. These things just materialized out of the fog, we took off pretty quick and actually went back hours later to get his stuff. I never did believe in ghosts, but seeing this first hand, I do believe in ghosts now, what's next, zombies?. BTW being of "alien" descent I have to mention that space aliens, the ones that deal with Earth, are in no way reptiles. I guess it looks good in the movies, but it's wrong.


We caught the last plane out of New York, flying through Hurricane Sandy, towards Europe, lucky us.

Where is this place?

My cousin Tracy and I just got back from a turbulent field trip. We hit Hurricane Sandy over the Atlantic and ended up in, well I'm not too sure. Above is a photograph, not an illustration. Where or when in the world is this, Atlantis? New buildings in Dubai or Sydney? The Bronze Age Spartan city of Lacedaemon? Or is it some place out of this world? Asgard? Mars? Venus?

I don't recall any long plane flight home. This photo and the one above it from when we were flying into the storm are the last two in my camera. I'm just tired and exhausted and my body aches, but I wanted to get these thoughts out while they're still fresh in my mind. If these buildings look familiar to anyone reading this, contact me.


These are for real

Planet of the Apes scarecrows, Dick Cheney as  Dr. Zaius, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney political humor caricature Editorial Cartoon

Gas fracking lead to this! Does this scene look familiar? I've been having nightmares worrying about what Hydraulic Gas Fracking could turn this country into. I don't think gas fracking would be a problem, or even exist if not for the Halliburton Loophole, Bush and Cheney let the cat out of the bag with that one. It's everything the Occupy Wall Street movement is about, the greater greed over the greater good by the people in power. Believe it or not this is a possible scene within the next eight years, in the Metro New York area! Depending upon who wins the Presidential election later this year... If Mitt Romney defeats President Obama, Dick Cheney with his new ticker, comes back to his role of Vice-President/Puppetmaster aka Dr. Zaius. Only now he's controlling Mitt Romney, throw in some ape scarecrows and Hillary Clinton with a Nova'esque hairdo. (I think I listen to too much NPR.) The Gas Fracking T-shirts at the top are real, to see my online store featuring those and other designs from this blog, click here.



Do you believe in ghosts?Here's something a little different, my SEO specialist and webmaster was out yesterday with a photography group he belongs to. They went to a place with one of these old preserved mansions, he was taking pictures on the grounds then started taking some inside shots through some of the windows. Most of the images had too much glare or were just too dark, but this one had some interesting things going on. To start with the reflection of his camera got picked up along the top of the photo. He is seen taking the picture in the mirror across the room and there appear to be two people sitting on the couch. They look transparent, the one on the left is shorter and looks like a woman, the one on the right looks like a man. We looked at this closely and his right hand seems to be up with his fingers visibly extended as if they are in a conversation. He also appears to be smoking a pipe. The texture running through the image is a screen, some windows had them, some didn't. UFO's and aliens are one thing, but ghosts, that's another story, maybe because I just haven't come across any before.


,,,This time, next time, anytime.

Happy New Year Everyone! This is 2012, isn't it? Hey, it's Friday the 13th! I've been keeping busy between brushing up on history, time traveling and having some strange dali-esque dreams to show for it. Oh yeah, insomnia has become a problem, but money is no longer a problem. When you can slip back through time it's easy to take advantage of knowing the future. If I'm not careful I could easily become part of the one percent, then not have to worry much about taxes, like Mitt.

Over the past few months I've taken an interest in politics, especially the republican primary debates. In my dream-like state I can get close and whisper thoughts to the politicians. Rick Perry is practically out due in part to his memory lapse episodes and yours truly. I've been planting some crazy thoughts into Ron Paul's head too, like selling the national parks. Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain didn't need any help from me. I'm going to have to start working on Mitt Romney soon, although given enough time he may just do himself in. I don't think I have to worry much about Newt, the others are taking care of him.


Arab Spring
HItler is finally back where he belongs, it's hard to think that he's back in Germany 1938, but it had to be otherwise the world would be a very different place than it is today. We were trying to change him, trying to reverse a tyrant. For the six months he was here, almost five of them out on his own, after he slipped away, he adapted very well. What do you think a guy like him would have gravitated to? Social media, he worked as a talk radio host, started a public access tv show, a website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I had to get help tracking him down, my cousins Tracy and her brother Jett helped but ultimately we had to call in the Men in Black. They found him in the basement office he set up under this abandoned building under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side DUBBO. They let me publish this photo and assured me that Hitler will not recall any of his time here. As I'm writing this things are about the same as they were before this whole fiasco except for the revolutions that are spreading throughout the Arabian countries, which are partially credited to social media. Hmmmm, I wonder if Hitler had anything to do with that.



Last Halloween I made a terrible mistake, with my time travel experiments, things really spun out of control. Look who I've brought back from the past. It was an accident, but that doesn't matter. Now I have to track Hitler down. Right now he's just walking around in Manhatten as plain as day, like Clark Kent and Superman, other people might pass by and think "Hey that guy looks like Hitler.", but who would ever think it really is him.

I took this photo a few weeks ago in New York City's Central Park, at the Loch/Glenspan Arch. I don't think he has much of a memory yet. If you see him please don't hesitate to contact me, thanks, Roz.


So I've been busy lately and that's a good thing. In my spare time, usually late at night when all is quiet I like to dabble with Flash, above is a link to a new game, my version of the old hangman game, it could still use a little tweeking, click it, or click here to give it a try.

I've also been giving lots of thought to ths time travel thing too. Sometimes I'll spend my lunch hour skimming through science magazine articles at Borders or Barnes and Noble about things like time travel theories, Discovery magazine has a good one this month. I really did something amazing and scary last month, by going back and convincing someone else to do something, even though it was temporary. This brings up many new possibilities. I could alter history - big time - for the better or worse and who would even know?


I dragged myself out of bed and into the world again to go to work, luckily I got a call from BS advertising again. It's nice to get out and into the an office environment again. These past few weeks of the holiday season are now a blur. This story starts with that blizzard that blanketed the northeast on the Saturday before Christmas. I decided to take my time travel technique to a new level, to help an old friend, or so I thought.

A week after that snowstorm, I got a call from one Aileen's old friends. We used to hang out with their family when the kids were little. Without going into all the gory details she told me that her teenage brother passed away the week before, a suicide, over a relationship with a girl. They delayed the wake for a week, until after Christmas. I felt terrible and could only imagine what the family was going through. After going to the wake and getting some of the details I decided to alter history a bit. I went back into that blizzard the week before, met him on his fatal route and convinced him into going home. I called his parents the next night after shoveling out all day long, this wasn't a call out of the blue since we still kept in touch through Christmas cards, everything seemed fine. Due to my little interaction everything was fine, until I got another call a few days before New Years eve, he did it again.


I know I sounded a little whiny back in June, my advertising freelancing business went down to nearly nothing and I was scrambling to find ways to pay the bills. But since I had the time I did get into something I really didn't want to. Uncle Jett gave me his creepy fish and the recipe for its special elixir. He told me he had enough and thought I could get more use out of it right about now. He was right, it's a large responsibility and I'm learning to take little steps, but money is not that big of a problem for me anymore.

Back in late June I went to a neighbors party, one of Aileen's friends graduated college. While there I got involved in a conversation with another neighbor and someone else, the someone else was talking about investments and stuff that I wasn't too interested in because I didn't have money to invest with. Well anyway the guy gave us each a business card before he left and wrote the name of a stock on it. The company was involved in making a vaccine for the H1N1 virus or swine flu, the stock was selling at 1.86 a share. I did have a little cushion of about $2,000.00 but didn't want to take a chance, but added their website to my favorites and followed it for a while. By early August the stock rose to just over $6.00 and has been easing it's way down ever since. Now it's just over $3.00.

This looked like the perfect oppurtunity to try Uncle Jett's concoction no matter how repulsive that stupid fish is. This time travel stuff can get very confusing and I can see how it can drastically change things on a large scale. I managed to swallow it, felt sleepy, kept trying to focus, went back and talked myself into making the investment (since it was no longer a gamble), then went back a second time and sold it before it's slow slide down. The strange thing is that I can remember both scenarios, my world as it was then and now, which I thought would be impossible...


Here's a glimpse of some new artwork I've been working on. E-cards are on the way! These are some original watercolors by Marty Macaluso, they are currently on display along with other cartoons by "The Berndt Toast Gang," at the Art-trium Gallery (25 Melville Park Rd., Melville, NY - Hours: Mon.-Fri., 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.). So if your on Long Island and are passing by Route 110, it's one block south of the South Service Road. Now through November 30th. The show is called "Laugh Lines".


Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this blog for a while, I enjoy doing it, but just making a living takes up too much time lately. I really have to develop this website into more of an e-commerce site. Just like with the big newspapers, supplying original content for free just isn't cutting it in this global recession. I have some ideas for T-shirts and I always liked the idea of e-cards, so please be patient and check back in a while.

I'd be happy to hear from some of you out there. I'm thinking of starting a new page of UFO stories from my readers, if you have any interesting stories, e-mail me.


Aileen and I managed to get away again for the Labor Day Weekend with a few other friends, it was fun. On the way home on Monday we stopped at Uncle Jettison's and Aunt Lucy's since I hadn't heard from either of them in a while. I tried calling them a few times but just left messages, I'm really curious and worried about this time travel thing that he believes in.

Aileen went straight for the pool, I rang the doorbell and finally used my key to get in. After taking a quick look around it was time to check the basement, would he be down there "daydreaming"? No, after a quick search, being careful to not put anything out of place, I didn't find anyone. But there was this weird fish tank, it swirled with a whirlpool of bubbles, also in the tank was some kind of strangly exotic fish that didn't seem phased by the whirlpool.

This whole scene seemed somehow disturbing even before I noticed a wallett and car keys next to the fish tank, his wallett and car keys! This was three days ago, I left a note by his wallett and on the kitchen table. I'm starting to get worried, but I'll give them a few more days, they'll get back to me soon. The thought of that stupid fish is giving me nightmares.

Note:) I got a call today (Friday) from Aunt Lucy! Things are ok, they've been getting out and visiting friends she said. She doesn't care too much for Uncle Jett's fish either. She also had a couple of comments that bother me a bit, one was somthing about Uncle Jett taking alot of naps lately and then this one:(
"Time sure seems to slip away."


What a long weekend and a crazy few days since. It's been tough getting back into work since being on the road for so long, even though I've been back at least a month now, work is finally starting to pick up again. I'm doing storyboards and some Flash animations for one agency and print graphics for another.

Oh yes, back to the weekend party with relatives I haven't seen or heard from in a while. It was quite interesting, held at my Aunt Lucy and my Uncle Jettison's. He's a favorite of mine, he's a molecular biologist who dabbles in physics and chemistry. He likes to tinker with experiments in his basement office which if you've ever seen him in there, certainly gives him that mad scientist appeal.

I'm still trying to get my thoughts together on this, but he believes that he's traveled through time and changed a small piece of his history. He showed me a photo he had Aunt Lucy take of him holding a newspaper on his front lawn, the grass was not in the best of shape, it was burndt out in long strips, with large brown areas mixed in, the neighbors lawn looked fine. He told me about how he went and got a cheap brand of weed and feed for the clovers that were taking over his lawn and applied it twice in two weeks. The lawn looked great after it was cut, but the white clovers would come back with a vengence. So he waited about a month and bought the better brand, it did kill the clover, but burned out parts of the lawn (because it was over-fertilized) in a few days and with this heat wave, it got worse. So we took a walk around to his front lawn and it looked perfect,

This is the crazy part, the newspaper in the photo was from Saturday July 19th 2008, yesterday! He showed me his computer and in a folder called "IMPORTANT LAWN PHOTOS" (dated the previous afternoon) was this photo and a few others. He's not into doing any photo retouching. He said he remembers taking the photo, but Aunt Lucy probably wouldn't, she didn't even notice the drastic lawn change, nobody did. He told me that he went back to the store, to when he was originally deciding which weed and feed to buy and "told himself" to buy the better brand. He said that he didn't actually physically travel through time, that it was more like a daydream. But he was able to communicate mentally, like a conscience, giving suggestions and influencing the outcome!

After that we went back and joined the party, he wanted me to think about this before telling me more, like how he did it. I told him not to do any more "little experiments" on his own and to get together with me in the near future. He agreed.


Sorry I've been away from this blog for so long (Roz here). I've been doing alot of traveling, but not like the kind I just heard about. (I was traveling around the country with Hillary Clinton's campaign, what an experience. I can see Barack Obama as our next president, I just hope that we don't end up seeing this bumper sticker all over the place a year from now: "We should've voted for Hillary".) Well anyway, time travel stories have always been interesting to me and always seem to have tidy endings in books and movies. But in real life I think they'd get very confusing and leave lot's of loose ends. I'll be going to a gathering of my relatives this weekend and heard that someone is dabbaling in time travel. This could soon become one of the best time travel blogs on the web if what I heard is true, I'll let you know in a few days.


Hi it's Aileen, I can't believe it's almost February. My mom just told me that she hasn't touched this blog in a while and she wasn't kidding. We had a big New Years Eve party (Me-Bugsy-Suzy) and having a big Super Bowl party on Sunday, Go Giants!
I have a cool UFO story to go with this really amazing picture I took about a week ago. We've been having some really amazingly warm weather lately and one of my friends said she was going sun bathing on a deserted beach, it was nearly 70°. My cousin Jett likes my crazy friend Jill and has been wanting to meet her, but she has a boyfriend, anyway he heard about the beach and told me to take my camera down there and look out to the east and above her. It was really cool, this ball of light appeared, it looked like a cloud and changed colors like he said to get my attention. Then a beam of light came down like a spotlight on Jill who was lying on her side reading. Before she knew what was happening she disappeared. It happened so fast and I got lucky with this photo. Within seconds she was back on her towel in the same position as if nothing had happened. Later he told me that he actually had her up there talking with him for about an hour and that she shouldn't remember any of it, not that anything bad happened, but he can't wait until they meet again soon for real. I also asked him about the UFO thing and he said that the whole trick of the thing has something to do with harnessing the speed of light.


It's a whole nother world when this BS Advertising sends me out to their carting company client in Brooklyn. They cleared a desk for me and since I'm going there on a more regular basis they even kid around about getting me business cards, my title… "The girl who works here" since the place is full of guys. Oh yeah, except for Wednesday afternoons when they call in the massage girls, to get them through the rest of the week. These guys are nice enough to me but they're arrogant Italians, they act like they own the world. I could just imagine what It must've been like in Ancient Rome. I would love to see one of those Ancient Roman movies with actors like John Travolta, Paul Sorvino and Joe Pesci starring in it and talking "Brooklynese", instead of those British accents. I'd be a beautiful ding. I sometimes get the feeling I'm the artist for the mob. I like to imagine the boss, (who has an old black and white photo of a garbage truck and it's crew posing with it on the wall behind him) as an ancient Roman, he'd probably have something like this on the wall behind him.

Another movie I'd like to see would be a remake of Superman starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Only instead of landing in Smallville as a baby he lands in Austria around 1918.


It's getting near that time of the year again, Halloween! So I dusted off my Ouija board, lit some candles, got out my brushes, some watercolor paper and conjured up this. Recognize her, this was a tough little wicked witch of the southwest named Bonnie Parker, she traded in her broomstick for a Ford V-8, Clyde Barrow replaced the munchkins and the pumpkins were usually used for target practice. Bonnie & Clyde weren't melted or burned, but blown away in May of 1934. I imagine that if they sent out Halloween cards they would probably look alot like this. If you would like this on a Greeting Card or Postcard, they are available by clicking here.

So I've been busy working again, since I'm always doing graphics for other people I just had to take some time to do one for myself. BS Advertising is still keeping me busy, I have kind of become the art director/account executive for that carting company I mentioned earlier. More on that coming soon. Happy Halloween everyone!

Aileen and I finally made it to the beach! All of a sudden it was Labor Day Weekend, school starts, the cool weather moves in and it gets dark early. I took a little portable watercolor kit with me and did some plein air quickies, you just have to get used to people looking over your shoulder every now and then. We went camping too, it was fun walking out on the beach at night. The moon rose late, about 9:30 every night and when we ran out of firewood we took midnight swims in the moonlight. Sunday night we were visited by some strange lights that skimmed off the water just like someone skipping stones. There were three of them, they appeared from around one end of the bay, skipped about a dozen times and disappeared in the water. This was in the Long Island Sound, southeast of Shelter Island. The next day we heard that there were plenty of these crazy celebrity parties going. Actually there was this "White Party" hosted by Sean "Diddy" Combs right nearby. I'm sure that if anyone saw what we saw it would be attributed to his party, but we know better.

Guess where we just got back from. I happened to luck-out by scoring tickets for Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert! Aileen and I jumped in the car and took a trip down to Memphis. We spent the next week down there and just got back tonight. It's late, I'm wired and tired but I just had to get some of this stuff out of my system. I was surrounded by "Elvi", Elvis impersonators were everywhere. At first your a little afraid of them, they could be a little overwhelming, like having a fear of clowns, but they grow on you as you can see. Being into astronomy, the real highlight of the trip was when we went with a group of Elvi on a trip to Lookout Mountain one night and saw the ELVIS Constellation, it's a very rare astronomical occurance. You'll need a very clear night, and a telescope or hi-powered binoculars on a tripod (see the banner above). So no stories about Elvis being abducted by aliens tonight, it's time for bed.


Summer is in full swing, it's mid August already and starting to get darker earlier. We invested in an above ground pool this year which I like using late nights when all is quiet. There really is quite a bit going on up there in the night sky. The picture above is pretty much the view I get when all the lights in the house are off, I grab one or two of those flexible noodle things and float around looking up at the sky. Aside from the stars, planets and occasional meteors are numerous luminous objects that seem to come and go with the blink of an eye. Closer to the ground are the beetles, mosquitoes, fireflies and bats, any sounds are drowned out by the ambience of about a million insects all chirping away. One of these mornings I'm going to wake up floating around out there.

So what else is new, Aileen and I went to the beach last night to catch part one of the Perseids meteor shower, that was nice. We were thinking of going to Roswell, NM for the 60th anniversary of the UFO incident. They had a big festival going on out there but we decided it would probably be too commercial. From all I read about it, it was. You can learn more about aliens and UFO's by checking back here from time to time. I still have to make it to the beach during the day in the next few weeks. Well it's time for the pool, bed and work tomorrow morning. Actually I think it's a very clear night tonight, it should be great for part two of the Perseids meteors.

It's been a while since I've had the time to get back to this. I've been busy, too busy at times, just trying to make ends meet. It seems the more you make, the more you need. I need some time off, this time of year you see people taking Sunday drives in classic cars, or groups of friends taking their "hogs" on road trips, I just don't have time for that sort of thing now. But the little cartoon above was inspired by these feelings.

I've been doing lots of freelancing lately, even started getting work from this ad agency "Braggadozer & Slushamuny" (BSAdvtg) they mainly handle municipal accounts. One client in particular is a carting company that I do ads for, you wouldn't believe the amount of copy editing I have to do for "dem guys".

I've also been doing lots of caricatures both live and studio. During one about a month ago everyone was surprised by a surprise guest. Hillary Clinton happened to show up, I even appeared in a photo with her. She came over near me,I guess she thought I was part of her secret service crew, probably because of the shades or because I was close to the flag. Actually I seemed to be leaning towards Hillary in the upcoming election. This country could use a change, it wouldn't be the end of the world to have a woman president, other countries have. Doesn't James Bond even have a woman boss these days?

You’ve probably heard about John Lennon’s ufo sighting back in 1974. Well here’s an alien view, or “bird’s eye view” of what happened that day (evening). My mom’s cousin Tracey, better known as “Spacey Tracey” was always a big Beatles fan, but she never got to see them live since her family was always “traveling”.

Late one afternoon she and my mom “borrowed” her dads "UFO" and buzzed New York City. They finally found the Dakota building off Central Park and eventually got lucky. They happened to catch John Lennon out on a rooftop balcony on the upper east side!

At first he was alone, and “naked”, what a sight, him jumping around all excited like one of his crazed fans. Then a girl, (who they later found out was his assistant, May Pang - this was during his
lost weekend period) joined him on the balcony, at the time they thought this was Yoko and that she really looked different in person.

They took some photos which Tracey probably still has hidden somewhere in her apartment.(She used to hide them under her bed where my mom and her used to sneak a look at them.) You can probably imagine why. They left and came back a little later, hoping to get more pictures after they gave him some time to put some clothes on. But they were still out there, only with a telescope and cameras, but still no clothes, so they left.

He came so close to having an alien encounter, they actually considered “beaming him up” or abducting him for a while, but I think they were more shocked then he was. My mom did the above caricature from what she remembers of that day. They made a big impression on him too I guess. His Walls and Bridges album has "On August 23 1974, I saw a UFO J.L." printed on the back. He also wrote; "There's UFO's over New York and I ain't too surprised." This was in his song "Nobody Told Me" probably written long before it was released on his Milk and Honey album, two years after his death.

If John was alive today my mom feels that he and Yoko would probably be involved in NYC politics.


Hey, it's Aileen, my mom's been keeping me up to date on her friend with the Goji juice, seems she's really getting into it. Her daughter-in-law dragged to a meeting, they sat in the back of the room and the speaker introduced her as a new member. She had to get up and say a little something much to her embarrassment. She heard people giving testimonials one guy mentioned that he used to take 62 pills a day, now he's down to 3 with the juice. She says it seems to be working wonders for her arthritis, bone density and good cholesterol. She even did a little experiment. She stopped drinking it one Friday morning (she usually has some in the morning and at night) as Saturday wore on she felt all pains and aches, so she started it again Saturday night, by Monday morning she felt great. Her doctors are interested and are checking into it, thinking it might help some other patients.

At school we did a project about our heritage. The day before I did mine one of the guys told about how his great-grandfather came to America from Denmark in the late 1800's and had photos of him and his careers throughout the years. He started out as a blacksmith, was in the Spanish-American war, moved onto cars and airplanes. He has photos of him shoeing horses, on an automobile assembly line and in a little shack that said manager on the Roosevelt field airfield dated 1927 (when Lindbergh took off). He also told us the he always heard that his great-great grandfather has a Viking ship in his garage.

That's funny because I remember hearing from the time I was little that my great-grandpa was a pilot and had a spaceship in his hanger. We actually have a weird old yellowing grainy photo of an old man with something that looks alot like a UFO behind him, see for yourself.


Hi, Roz here, I have an interesting story to tell, actually this story gives new meaning to the term "Crop Circles". I've been observing my boss at an ad agency I freelance for. She's been having problems with her knees since at least last spring and starting to think of having knee replacement. Her knees have been getting worse and her doctor recommended physical therapy as a first step. She's been reluctantly walking around the office slowly with a cane since about mid November while going to physical therapy at least twice a week. Earlier this month she started walking without the cane and little by little walking faster, everyone there has been commenting upon her great progress. Early last week she stopped by my office and confided in me about a possible reason for her miraculous recovery.

Now keep in mind she is very skeptical about all this, she's not into health food or holistic or alternative medicine. She's a senior, a grandmother, takes multiple medications for the usual ailments that come with age and is ready to retire in a few years. She told me she started drinking something called "Goji" juice for a little over a week and thinks it might have something to do with her recovery. The physical therapist was amazed at the range of motion her knees had during her most recent visit. Her daughter-in-law who is involved with selling products through these multi-level (pyramid) marketing programs kept bugging her about trying this juice. Finally, more to pacify her daughter-in-law and prove her wrong, she decided to try it. "Goji juice", is made from the berries of the Goji plant. These grow native in a remote section of the world, the Himalayas. They are rich in vitamins and have healing powers unlike any single medication your doctor can subscribe. If you've never heard of Goji juice, go look it up.

Goji is not of this world, the Earth was actually seeded with these by aliens centuries ago, they look kind of like grape tomato's. Aliens needed a fresh food supply here on Earth, a necessary part of space travel. Goji is the kind of thing that you would think would be more popular, that you would either need a prescription for or find in the supermarket like orange or tomato juice. No Goji juice was never meant to hit the mainstream. It actually funds aliens and is sold only in these multi-level marketing programs and health food stores. Think "pyramids" or better yet "circles" (as they like to call them, literally a crop circle) picture a spiraling circle with aliens at the center. I'll keep you informed as her story progresses.


Happy New Year!
(Roz here) It took me a few days to recover after all the parties, we had some distant relatives literally drop in on us. Here's a photo of Uncle Martin and family. They like eating fish on New Years Eve, but they have to catch it first, the hard way. Those Pisces, bet you can tell where we spent most of the night, luckily it's been warm. That guy on the right just happened to show up, he was so drunk he didn't seem to notice anything fishy. Well I guess that's the way most of these alien rumors start "Hey guys, I was fishing with aliens last night."

I have so many resolutions and ideas for this web site, (a few new games, cartoons, stuff to sell) it's hard to find the time though. If anyone out there wants to, please drop us a line :)

Let us know if you like this site so far and about any ufo or paranormal stories or photos you might want to share.


I found some of my mom's old artwork in a closet and just had to show this one. There were some other interesting pieces of art in there that if I
posted up here she would probably kill me. Take a look at this, she painted this in the early 1980's when we were still in the "Cold War" with Russia. It was when Reagan and Brezhnev were spending lots of time and money developing "Star Wars" missile defenses. People credit President Reagan with spending the Russians out of business. The interesting thing about this illustration is that the faces could change to President Bush and someone else but a nuclear bomb going off is probably even more of a threat today than back then.


Earth's Moon, since the Apollo missions astronauts have noticed an uncommon feature on its dark side. It's crescent shaped and not pock-marked by crater holes. So the thinking is that it's recently formed, possibly by gasses escaping from the moons interior. This striking feature has led to the theory that the moon burps! It may not be just a hunk of dead rock, it may actually have something active going on inside. But seriously, escaping gasses, crescent shaped, dark side and to call it a lunar burp?


So hi, I can't believe how time flies and how easy it is to get lost in it. So Pluto is a dwarf, that's good, Dopey needs a buddy. It's been almost a month since the space shuttle Atlantis astronauts were seeing mysterious objects floating by, someone really should bring a vacuum up there. And it's just over a month since the original Star Trek series first aired on tv, 40 years ago. Mr. Spock was my mom's favorite back in those days. Actually even today Leonard Nimoy still has that rock star popularity like Elvis has on Earth. Roz, my mom, did this watercolor Halloween caricature illustration of Mr. Spock meeting Jack O'Lantern. She's a good cartoonist and caricaturist, I'm the webmaster in my spare time.

First a little background info.

Alopecia Areata Totalis: You can look it up for the real definition, but basically it's a disease that results in hair loss. I've had it for as long as I can remember, actually it runs in my family. I also happen to have been born ear lobeless or with fused ears (which also runs in my family) and seem to have a touch of esp. This combination along with my name Aileen, has fueled rumors of me being an alien since about the time I started kindergarten. Ultimately that's up to you to decide. As for the shades, that's another story.

So Welcome Earthling

Most people think I'm weird, some think I'm cool. I think people are funny, weather they do or not. Do you believe in those little gray aliens? Just imagine what they must think of you. Here's a glimpse of what probably happens during an alien abduction…

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